Integration With Zoom


When you use FranDesQ® Zoom Integration, you can collaborate across your franchise like never before.

Key features of FranDesQ® are fully integrated with Zoom for seamless operations: Discovery Process, Business Change Management, Customer Support Management and more.

Stay in touch with your franchise: in good times and bad. Always!

FranDesQ® Zoom Integration

The Collaboration Bridge For Your Franchise

FranDesQ® Zoom Integration addresses collaboration across disperse geographic locations of franchises and provides framework for follow-ups with leads/customers. Zoom Integration adds great value to FranDesQ® suite. Using Zoom with FranDesQ®, communication across units is further streamlined with features to create/list meetings directly from FranDesQ®. Meetings can be created with FranDesQ® operations in "context" directly from Franchise Requests, Tasks & Cases. Attendee lists are automatically "filtered" during such operations.

With FranDesQ®, you can organize your meetings by balancing them depending on whether you need to schedule in-person meetings or whether you need Zoom meetings with remote participants.

Demonstrate your franchise’s organized, flexible, hybrid approach with FranDesQ®.

  • Communicate with franchisees on various topics: customer support, business changes, and more
  • Interact with your potential franchisees during the Discovery Process
  • Conduct audio/video meetings with with your franchise, customers, consultants,leads
  • Maintain a complete trail of past Zoom meetings with notes for future reference

Optimize your travel costs by using a "hybrid" communications model across your franchise.

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